Privacy Policy

By reading this Privacy Policy you will find what information we collect, and how we protect your sensitive information.

What personal information we collect from those who visit this blog?

This blog may collect personal information namely your name, email that you have entered while leaving a comment, or subscribing to a newsletter.

How we make use of information that has been collected from users?

When you subscribe to our newsletter by submitting your email address, you will get notified when we publish a blog post. Additionally, we may send you some research papers or excellent products services that are quite handy.

Does this blog make use of third party links?

Yes, we insert third party links. Kindly, note that all the third-party websites or blogs that are referred from this blog have their own privacy policy.

Does Wealth Clerk use ‘cookies’?

Yes, Wealth Clerk makes use of Cookies that will help the browser to record some information and recognize your browser until deleted for a better user experience.

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